Time Moves Too Quickly and Other End of the Year Musings

When I reflect on another year coming to an end, it seems pretty surreal. What happened to my toddlers–now 44 and 41 with children of their own? Ok then, what happened just a minute ago when my grands were toddlers–they are now tweens ? So are the rules of 60 minutes in an hour, 365 days in a year still applicable? So where does time go?

Amongst all this flurry of heightened time, I do see advantages. One is my ability to be thankful, grateful, and my intent to express my gratitude in a more concrete way to family, friends, and other fellow travelers on this big blue ball which seems to be moving so quickly.

One thing I am grateful for is the ability to make a living doing something I love. In “retirement” I combined two loves teaching and sewing to create this idea of Nimble Fingers Sewing. I want to express my constant gratitude to my husband who moves stuff around, cleans stuff, and stocks my freezer with chocolate ice cream cones for the kids snack break.

I want to thank my sewing parents and students who signed up and showed up for my classes. I have always learned more than I taught about the joy of learning something new and the excitement only kids can share.

Please come back for more classes or sign up for Sewing 101; and I promise to try to not move “too fast”.

God bless you one and all and a big thank you for your patronage in 2023.

Ms. Sandy

If you would like to see some of the aprons, dog collars, and makeup cases I have made check out:


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