The WHY of it all

I have never understood math, and consequently, never did well with it past middle school.  High school math just made no sense—I mean—you say X is 3 today and yesterday it was 500?  And don’t get me started on Y! You expect me to know y? 

A couple of exceptions to the “I hate math” fan club was fractions.  Because of learning to sew so young and having a mom that was an expert sewer, I could look at the back of a pattern and tell you exactly how much fabric to buy.  ½ yard for the top plus 5/8 yard for the shorts.  I could take a scrap of paper and work it out. It made sense, it had a practical use.   Using a ruler (yes! They still make rulers!) tape measures and calculating the fabric they need are all useful life skills.

The second math thing I did well was accounting. Assets=Liability + Capitol.  It was tangible, it was real. 

When I started teaching sewing, I began to see kids learned hand eye coordination and a love of fabric, color, and style; and ta da they could tackle fractions after a couple of tries. 

Classes are now forming on a one-to one-basis. Usually to get one-to-one attention you would pay more, but right now you get an individualized class or camp for the price of a small group class.

The first session of my Sewing 101 two-day camp will be June 28 and 29th from 9:30 to 12:30. We will be making a pillow cover that can be taken off and replaced with another one.  Patterns, supplies, machines, and instruction are just $43 for each day.

Questions are welcome. Sign up on my website and the site will generate an invoice for you.  I have adjusted the price.  You must sign up for both days. PS: Don’t tell the kids we are learning math! It’s our secret!!

Sandy Wheeler

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