Sewing Vocabulary

Like anything new you are learning, there are quite a few vocabulary words you need to get up and running. Whether it is a sport, craft, or new job skill–without the proper jargon you could be behind the curve. When you take a sewing class or camp, we will use words that you may have never heard or words that may have a different meaning than what you are used to. Here are a few just to get your started. I will add more as we move along, so check back!

Basic Sewing Terms:

Backstitch:  the process of sewing backwards at the beginning and ending of a section of sewing to secure loose threads.

Seam allowance:  the space between the seams and the edge. In garment sewing this is normally 5/8 inch.

Hem:  the edge of fabric that has been folded under and then sewn down to keep the raw edge from unraveling and being seen.

Baste:  sewing by hand or machine in long running stitches to hold two pieces in place temporarily.

Zig zag stitch:  a stretchy machine stitch that runs diagonally back and forth (zit and zag)

Selvedge: the raw edges of fabric that runs along with the grain.

Fold: The doubled over section of the fabric which is opposite the selvedge, Patterns often say “cut on fold”.

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