Sew a Seam–Iron a Seam

When my mom was trying to teach me to sew, many moons ago, she had a lot of sayings and axioms she repeated over and over. One such saying was “sew a seam, iron a seam” She always said a garment was never done until it was freshly pressed.

I have tried to carry this tradition on in my own sewing endeavors, as well as teaching it to my students. When confronting an iron and a full sized ironing board, lots of kids tell me they have never ironed in their life. My iron is a full sized Rowenta that I purchased about 5 years ago because I was told by sewing friends and pros told me it was the best. I have found it to be a solid work horse that gets used lots, particularly in the summer when camps are in full swing, and hasn’t given me a moment’s trouble.

I don’t use the steam feature as I learned the hard way–little fingers can be burned if they rush the process, so we use a light application of a pressing spray which accomplishes the same thing. Kids love to spray! We sometimes wet our fabric too much. But the spray is harmless and given a little dry time, all is well. Most students find it a satisfying process even if they have never ironed before.


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