Following Through and UFOS

First of all, let me reassure you that I am not seeing spaceships and little green guys!  UFOS in the world of sewing means “Unfinished Objects” and I have plenty of those.  It doesn’t help that I teach sewing.  I often sew along with my intermediate and advanced students so they can see what I am doing and try to do it too.  These has left me with a pile of projects I have started and never finished–cut out, pinned, and half way done projects.  

Lately I have been scolding myself for this pile of UFOS.  My goal between now and Christmas is to clear the stash and I will show you the results as I go.  I am counting on my sewing friends and students to nudge me toward this goal.  

In the meantime, for any parents or students who know what we call this tool in my class—the first correct guess I receive will receive a $5 gift certificate toward their next class.  

Now go outside and look carefully for those little green men!


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