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Small Groups

Want a girls’ night out, something fun to do with your sisters, or a mom and me? Small group classes are perfect! We can do Sewing 101, Create a Fabric Pillow Cover or single skill classes like Button Bootcamp or Sewing a Zipper.

Morning hours  are available. Most students, need to start with Sewing 101. Let’s chat to set up something fun and educational for you or your student. Mom and me classes are always fun.  Questions are always welcome! Text me at 252-339-9614.

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Sewing Camps

Sewing camps are designed for boys and girls ages 7-11 or ages 12-15. Teen camps are available for ages 16-18 and move at a quicker pace. Camp will meet two mornings in a row from 9:30 until
12:30 both days. These are my most popular classes and you will leave with a project to take home.

Classes included for kids sewing camps are Level 1– Sewing 101: Introduction & Create a Fabric Pillow Cover.  Level Two classes– Create an Apron, or Create a Tote Bag. and Level 3: Create a Simple Skirt, Make Puppies. The final class is Design Lab.  Two day sewing camps are $90  with a limit of 4 students. Apron class is a two days and costs $90, Create a Tote Bag, Design Lab, and  Puppies  are 3 day class and  the cost is $125.  Students will supply their own fabrics. I supply machines, patterns, tools, and instruction.

New Class  for teens, adults, and Mom and me!

Create a Zippered Case–this class is for 13 and above and requires a bit of sewing knowledge.  If you have taken my Sewing 101-Beginning Sewing or similar, you might enjoy this class.  Putting in a zipper is not as hard as it seems.  We will learn several new skills and go home with a useful and fun project.  Thursday mornings at 9:30-12:30.  We will review the following skills: pinning and cutting our pattern pieces.  Then we observe, listen, and practice attaching a zipper to the center of the case and then sew the front and back together and learn to make boxed sides.  Before long, you project will be ready to hold your stuff! Use it for makeup, pencils and markers, small toys for the kiddos–almost anything you can imagine.  Class requires the ability to sew a straight stitch and control the sewing machine.  

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Individual Lessons

Students who want to move at their own pace, or who only need instruction in one area (hemming pants, putting in a zipper, can request individual lessons. Classes range from 1 hour to 4 hours depending on the complexity of the project. We will discuss your needs and I will give you an approximation of the time and cost involved.

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Regular Class Offerings…

Sewing 101: Introduction & Create a Fabric Pillow Cover

Start your sewing journey here! Learn key functions of a sewing machine, how to sew a straight stitch, and how to thread the machine. Create a removable pillow cover to learn the basic steps for any sewing project and practice your new skills.

The cost of this class is $90 for the two days. Students must provide their fabric for this in person classes and a 16 inch pillow form.

Create an Apron

Students must complete Sewing 101 before taking this class, Level 2, Create a Apron. Another great class to practice and elevate your new skills. Create an apron is functional and fashionable!  We will start by using a pattern to layout and cut fabric. Then we will go through the steps to assemble the apron. Skills include sewing a straight stitch, making pockets and straps, topstitching, and ironing.

The cost of this class is $90. Students must provide their fabrics for virtual classes and in person classes

Another Level 2 for students is Create A Tote bag.  This is a 3 day class and is $125. Students will choose and provide their own fabrics.  I supply everything else.

Questions are always welcome! Text me at 252-339-9614 or email me at SandySewGirl@gmail.com

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Design Lab and Create Puppies New!

Design Lab:  This class is for students ages 8-16 who have completed a two day sewing camp. This three day class will allow students to select their own pattern, choose their fabrics, and complete a garment.  Limited to 2 students per session.This class is $125.00 Students must provide a pattern of their choice and their fabrics.  I supply machines, tools, and instruction.  Please let me help you choose your pattern.

Create Puppies: This class is NEW and fun and will test your skills in machine use, hand sewing, sewing on a button, and stuffing your puppies.  This class is designed to add to your skills and make you smile! This is a three day class and is $125.  I will supply hand needles as well as the regularly scheduled supplies.  Students will provide their own fabrics for their twin puppies. Very little fabric is required, so go wild with your fabric selections.   NEW!

Questions are always welcome! Text me at 252-339-9614 or email me at SandySewGirl@gmail.com

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Featured Class Projects…

Looking for an activity that is fun, useful, and educational?

Come discover the joys of sewing!

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