Sew a Seam–Iron a Seam

When my mom was trying to teach me to sew, many moons ago, she had a lot of sayings and axioms she repeated over and over. One such saying was “sew a seam, iron a seam” She always said a garment was never done until it was freshly pressed. I have tried to carry this […]

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Following Through and UFOS

First of all, let me reassure you that I am not seeing spaceships and little green guys!  UFOS in the world of sewing means “Unfinished Objects” and I have plenty of those.  It doesn’t help that I teach sewing.  I often sew along with my intermediate and advanced students so they can see what I

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The WHY of it all

I have never understood math, and consequently, never did well with it past middle school.  High school math just made no sense—I mean—you say X is 3 today and yesterday it was 500?  And don’t get me started on Y! You expect me to know y?  A couple of exceptions to the “I hate math”

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2020–The Yuckiest Year Ever Covid 19 was bad for business. For everyone except maybe mask makers, PPC makers and hand sanitizer suppliers. It has been quite a while, but I think it is time to get back to in-person classes. I really missed interacting with my students, and am extremely excited to begin offering my

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Sewing Vocabulary

Like anything new you are learning, there are quite a few vocabulary words you need to get up and running. Whether it is a sport, craft, or new job skill–without the proper jargon you could be behind the curve. When you take a sewing class or camp, we will use words that you may have

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