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An early love for teaching and sewing...

I always knew I wanted to teach in some capacity.  Some of my earliest memories were lining my dolls up in the hallway with a pencil and paper in their hands. After completing my degree in Business Education, I went to work as a payroll clerk in a small doctor’s office. While this was fun, it wasn’t my bliss—teaching. 

I taught middle school “business careers” for two years and then moved on to teaching business at a small school system in my area.  I knew I had found my spot! I continued there for many years and only left when my new hubby transferred to the air station in Elizabeth City, NC where I taught for 4 years. I also taught at the local community college and enjoyed teaching adults too.

During all this time, I continued to sew for myself and others.  It was a natural thing to do. I sold things on Ebay as well as craft shows and bazaars. When I retired, I embraced it with joy for about 3 years or so.  Then I realized something was missing. As I was still sewing,  it wasn’t that. It was the teaching piece.

This gave birth to Nimble Fingers Sewing. I could combine my two skills—sewing and teaching! I enjoy very much the interaction with students and helping them with a lifelong skill is amazing.  I am proud to say I have students who return over and over.

I love in person classes, but COVID-19 has put an end to that.  We will resume as soon as all this madness is over.  In the meantime, I will try my best to offer online classes.

I currently live in Raleigh, close to our kids and 5 grand kids, and two itty-bitty dogs.  I look forward to meeting you soon in one of my classes!

Bless you, Sandy


My Teaching Philosophy

Statistics tell us that some people learn best by reading and some by listening, but students do excel with hands-on learning. I truly believe this is the best way for most students to learn.

I tell students what we’re going to do, show them what to do, and then let them do it  – mistakes and all! With a little practice and guidance, almost anyone can learn to sew.

If you would like to visit my Etsy store to see some things I have made– Your Shop – Manage Listings – Etsy

Looking for an activity that is fun, useful, and educational?

Come discover the joys of sewing!

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