2020–The Yuckiest Year Ever

Covid 19 was bad for business. For everyone except maybe mask makers, PPC makers and hand sanitizer suppliers.

It has been quite a while, but I think it is time to get back to in-person classes. I really missed interacting with my students, and am extremely excited to begin offering my sewing classes soon.

There will be a few differences from the classes pre-Covid. I usually taught a small group of 2-4, but now it will be a one on one setting. And then only to kids and adults who live with other adults that have been vaccinated. I will take your temperature and ask you to wash and sanitize your hands often. We will space out a little more than usual. And I will ask you questions about your health before we start. I want it to be safe for both of us. The exception to the one person at a time would be siblings who live in a home where the adults are vaccinated.

The good thing for students is although you are getting one on one attention, you are only going to be charged for the small group class of $80 for the two day camp. (Sewing 101)

Here are the dates for traditional school students and homeschoolers.

June 28th and 29th from 9:30 to 12:30 each day–Sewing 101 $80 per person.

July 12 and 13

July 26-27

August 2 and 3

August 9 and 10

August 16 and 17.

Please call or email me for questions or to register. I will send you an invoice directly for these special sessions of our class Sewing 101

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