Nimble Fingers Sewing

Sewing classes for kids and adults in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Come learn an essential skill that is fun and educational! All levels welcomed.

Summer Camps are in great demand! Schedule yours ASAP

Small Groups

Sewing classes for groups of 2-4 people. Perfect for kids, adults, homeschoolers, or "mom and me" events.

Sewing Camps

Two-day sewing camps for kids in track outs or on summer vacation. Start with the basics and complete two projects.

Individual Lessons

Perfect to further develop your sewing skills. Open to kids and adults. Work one-on-one in increments of two hours.

Why should kids learn to sew?

Ever wish you could quickly fix a loose button? Learn to sew and you can! Both creative and practical, sewing is a great skill for anyone to learn.

Sewing your own clothes and accessories allows you to have everything “just so.” Whether struggling with shirt sleeves that are too short, pants that are too long, making your own clothes comes in handy!

Want decor to match your home? Sewing your own pillows, placemats, and more gives your home a special, one of a kind look.

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Meet Sandy

I first learned to sew at 10 years old. I was “bored” one summer and my mom had my three younger sisters to deal with. She ordered a “Learn to Sew” kit and I was off and running!  I resumed my sewing skills in high school. Being almost 6’ tall and having long arms and legs, it was difficult to find garments that fit.  I loved creating my own unique outfits.  

After retiring from teaching at the high school and community school level, I found I missed the interaction with students so much.  I merged the love of teaching with my love of sewing, and Nimble Fingers Sewing was born in Raleigh!  


Featured Sewing Class Projects...

Looking for an activity that is fun, useful, and educational for kids?

Come discover the joys of sewing!

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